Editorial Guidelines

Gamingwiser is a site that focuses on PC gaming, game reviews, and technology. The editorial team has put together guidelines to help our writers produce the best possible content for our readers. We want our articles to be informative, accurate, and unbiased.

We also want them to be entertaining and well-written. Our editorial guidelines are designed to help our writers meet these goals.

In addition to constantly updating our content throughout our website, we have an ongoing routine of improving and updating our site.

We use Google Analytics to monitor user activity on our site and ensure that users are satisfied with the experience they get when visiting our website.

We also use Google Analytics to analyze traffic sources and key pages on our website. This helps us better understand what content on our website is most popular with our readers so we can continue improving it.

Commitment to Accuracy & Fact-Checking Policy

Our Team is committed to providing accurate and up-to-date information on the Tech & gaming industry. We fact-check our articles before they are published to ensure they are complete and accurate. We also have a strict policy when it comes to sourcing our information.

We only use reliable sources, such as official company websites and press releases, when gathering data for our articles. Gaming wiser is dedicated to giving readers the most accurate information possible. Our commitment to accuracy and fact-checking ensures that our readers can trust the content they read on our site.

Plagiarism, Credit, and Copy Policy

We strictly prohibit the usage of plagiarism and copyright violations on Gaming wiser. We strive to explicitly credit individual owners of content whenever content we may use is used, with the owner’s permission.

As our regular technological reviewers examine all articles to check their content is untainted and made possible by our freelance writers, you know the content on our site is purely authentic and authentically their own.

Convenient Formatting and Structure

All articles published by our editors under Gaming Wiser follow a highly streamlined, easy-to-navigate format to satisfy our readers. We give our articles an attractive, streamlined layout to make it easy for the reader to read and quickly find the information they are looking for. The articles are formatted in a clean, clear style to ensure that everything is easy to follow and, more importantly, easy to read.

A thoughtfully designed TOC (table of contents) accommodates readers who prefer to jump to a particular section of an article while at the same time organizing the entire composition according to a systematic hierarchy to associate tabulated content sub-declared by their discrete headings. Consequently, this subtle yet effective layout helps to elevate the entire user experience.

Up-to-date Content & Revisions with Proofreading

Our team on Gaming Wiser is committed to providing up-to-date content and revisions with proofreading. Our auditors check for errors and make sure our content is accurate. We also update our site with the latest information about computer parts, gaming tools, and prices.

Our auditors are continually inspecting and overhauling the essential cornerstones of our articles, making sure to terminate all paperwork-able fallacies pointedly. Our articles undergo extensive scrutiny, and editors verify everything to eliminate vestiges of future issues.

Feedback-Centric Approach

GamingWiser exploits its feedback-centric approach to its advantage, enabling clients from all over the world to contact our Editorial Team through our email address [email protected] about improving the site.

We will respond quickly and effectively to separate any current flaws and errors while appreciating the goodwill and tolerance of our most beloved viewers as we endeavor to develop a quick redo.

Clear and Concise Language

Our qualified authors, while highly experienced themselves, concisely pass along essential insights along with pertinent knowledge to our optimal customers.

All the material on gamingwiser.com is reviewed and checked before publication to avoid ambiguity or lack of understanding among various claims. As a result, gamers of all skill levels are always welcome at Gamingwiser, irrespective of their prior gaming experience.

Original Research

As our skilled team of experts works hard to collect vital information from around the internet to ensure our content is well-rounded and thorough, we adhere to strict plagiarism, credit, and copy policy. We’re also active in the community, sharing knowledge as much as possible.

Editor’s Job

Our Editorial Unit strives to ensure that all reliable customer reviews are fact-checked and do not reference unsubstantiated information, allowing only vetted information to be shared with our readers.

Our Partners

Gamingwiser.com has structured an extensive partnership with several manufacturers of PC hardware, such as motherboards, GPUs, RAM modules, PSUs, case fans, AIO all-in-one cooling units, cooling water solutions, casings, gaming mice, mousepads, keyboards, and other peripherals.

We are also partners with several offline resellers, online shops, and some of the biggest game developers and publishers. Our editorial unit strives to bring you the best games reviews, performance analyses, and Latest Tech news.

How to Get the Most Value from Our Articles

Each article is placed in a category that makes it easy for you to find what you need quickly. To get the most value from our articles, we suggest you visit our main page and look through our categories.

Some of our authors have written articles on many different topics, so you will want to look at the author’s name and use that to find other articles by that author.

Our Test Bench

Gamingwiser Test-Bench PC Build
Gamingwiser Test-Bench PC Build
Gamingwiser Test-Bench PC Build

We use various Test Bench, and PC builds to evaluate a specific product using top-of-the-line components, including Intel Core and AMD Ryzen processors paired with Nvidia GeForce RTX GPUs, ultra-fast DDR5 RAM, modular PSUs, and a wide variety of PC casings and motherboards ranging between every form factor, such as E-ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX. Therefore, a brief gallery of these builds and test benches are attached below.

Our Sample Shelves

GamingWiser Shelves

As clarified above, we frequently buy and review new gadgets. Consequently, our houses are full of gaming PC parts of all kinds, including CPUs, GPUs, RAMs, motherboards, AIO computer water coolers, AIR coolers, and casings.

Gaming wiser Reviews Product

We also receive some products from our partner companies for free (intending to review them), in which case we return the items to their respective company. These products are usually not listed in our Sample Shelves section in both circumstances.

Gaming wiser Reviews Product

How We Test (Generally)

Testing for the best motherboards, CPU coolers and RAMs is ongoing. However, specialists specializing in sequence design choose to use a variety of benchmarks that depend on a particular workflow and processes. They also perform in-depth analytics, quantitative research, and individualized testing (if possible).

Finally, our top-notch editors examine everything objectively using a series of critical factors to distinguish the Best Motherboards, CPU Coolers, and ROMs, among other gaming PC components, in 2023.

Our pick for Best PC Gaming Parts like Motherboards, CPU Coolers, Monitor Gaming Chair, Soundbar, RAMs, and other Gamers tools are based on the following criteria:

Overall reviews/ratings. We consider the following features when selecting Best Gaming Products: Stability. Reliability. Warranty. Delivery speed.