How to connect speakers directly to PS5 (Fast Method)

If you’re a gamer, having the best audio experience is key to enjoying your games. The new Sony PS5 has some great features that make it a great gaming console. But how do you get the most out of its audio capabilities? 

This guide will show you how to connect speakers directly to your PS5. We’ll also share tips on getting the most out of your audio setup. So if you’re ready to improve your gaming experience, read on!

How to connect speakers directly to PS5

1. Turn off your PS5 console and unplug it from the power outlet.

2. Connect your speakers to the PS5’s audio output port. You’ll find this on the back of the console, next to the HDMI ports.

3. Plug your PS5 back into the power outlet and turn it on.

4. Go to Settings > Sound > Output Device and select “Speakers.”

5. Adjust the volume level under “Output Volume” until it’s at a comfortable level for you.

You’re all set! Now when you play games or watch movies on your PS5, the Sound will come through your speakers instead of the TV’s built-in speakers.

How to properly set up Soundbar with PS5

If your TV doesn’t have an audio output, or if you want to improve the Sound of your games, you can connect your PlayStation 5 directly to a set of speakers.

Here’s how:

Once you have all of the necessary cables, you can follow these steps to connect your speakers:

If your speaker system does not have an “Audio In” port, you can plug this cable directly into an AUX IN port on the back of your speaker system.

Suppose your speaker system does not have an AUX IN port. In that case, you will need to purchase a 3.5mm audio cable separately to plug into an available AUX IN port on another device, such as a stereo receiver or sound bar compatible with your speaker system. Once everything is plugged in, turn on your PS5 console and enjoy!

Connecting the speakers

To get started:

  1. Make sure that your PS5 is turned off.
  2. Connect your speaker wire to the back of your left speaker.
  3. Once it’s connected, do the same for the right speaker.

Take the other end of the speaker wire and connect it to the “Audio Out” port on your PS5. Once you’ve done that, you should hear a “click” sound, indicating that the connection has been made.

Finally, turn on your PS5 and press your controller’s “PS” button. From here, go to “Settings” and then “Sound.” From here, you should see a menu that allows you to adjust the audio settings for your system.

Make sure that “Speakers” is selected and then choose either “Stereo” or “Surround Sound,” depending on your preference.

Configuring the PS5 settings

You’ll need to go into the Settings menu to configure your PS5 settings to output sound to your speakers. From there, head to Sound> Output Device, and select the device you want to use. In this case, it’ll be your speakers.

If you’re using a Bluetooth speaker, you might need to enter a code on your PS5 for it to connect. Once it’s connected, you should be able to hear game audio coming through the speaker.

Testing the connection

Suppose you’re having difficulty connecting your PS5 console to your stereo receiver or home theatre system. In that case, we recommend testing the connection with a different audio device, such as a soundbar, Blu-ray player, or DVD player.

Here’s how:

PS5s don’t have an audio input, so you can’t connect your speakers directly to the console. However, there are a few ways to get around this and still enjoy your music or chat with friends while playing games.

One option is to connect your speakers to the TV your PS5 is connected to. This way, you’ll be able to hear the audio from your PS5 through your speakers.

Another option is to use a wireless headset that connects to your PS5 via Bluetooth. This way, you can still chat with friends and hear game audio, even if your speakers are turned off.

How to troubleshoot if you’re having issues connecting speakers directly to your PS5?

If you’re having issues connecting your speakers directly to your PS5, there are a few things you can try to troubleshoot the problem.

First, check to ensure that your speakers are compatible with your PS5. If they’re not, you won’t be able to connect them directly.

Next, check the connections between your speakers and your PS5. Ensure that all cables are securely connected and that there are no loose connections.

Finally, restart your PS5 and try connecting your speakers again. You may need to contact Sony customer support for further assistance if you’re still having issues.

How to get the best sound quality when connecting speakers directly to your PS5?

It’s no secret that the PS5 is a fantastic console, but did you know that you can get even better sound quality by connecting your speakers directly to it? Here’s how:

1. Use an optical cable: This is the easiest and best way to connect your speakers to your PS5. Connect one end of the optical cable to your TV’s audio output and the other to the “Optical In” port on your PS5.

2. Use a 3.5mm aux cable: If your TV doesn’t have an audio output, you can use a 3.5mm aux cable instead. Turn off the power to the “Audio Out” port on your PS5 and connect it to the end of the aux cable.

3. Connect via HDMI: If your TV has an HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) port and uses a PS5 with an optical cable, you can also connect your speakers to the HDMI ARC port. This lets you get surround Sound from the TV when watching content via the PS5. 


In conclusion, you can connect speakers directly to your PS5 by doing the following: Go into your PS5’s settings > Go to “Sound” > Choose the “Output Device” > Select “Speakers”

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I connect my speakers directly to the PS5 console using Bluetooth?

No, the PS5 console does not support Bluetooth audio. However, you can connect your headphones or earbuds to the PS5 controller using a 3.5mm audio cable or wireless Bluetooth (if your headphones or earbuds support Bluetooth).

Can I use a chat adapter with my PS5 headset?

The PlayStation 5 does not have an audio jack for a chat adapter. Suppose you want to use a chat service (like Xbox Live Party Chat) with your wireless headset. In that case, you will need to connect your headset to the PS5 controller using a 3.5mm audio cable or wirelessly using Bluetooth (if your headset supports Bluetooth connectivity).

Does PS5 have audio output?

Yes, the PS5 has an audio output. You can connect your PS5 to a TV or audio receiver using an HDMI cable.

How do you get external audio on PS5?

To get external audio on PS5, the first thing you’ll need is an audio cable that’s compatible with PS5. Any standard 3.5mm aux cable will work just fine. Once you have the cable, plug it into the headphone jack on your controller and then plug the other end into your chosen audio device. Another way is to use a wireless headset that is compatible with PS5.

Can PS5 connect to speakers via Bluetooth?

Yes, PS5 can connect to speakers via Bluetooth. However, it’s worth noting that not all speaker systems are compatible with the console. To get your speakers working with the PS5, they must be able to support the aptX Low Latency codec.

If you’re unsure whether or not your speakers are compatible, there’s an easy way to test it out. Head over to the Settings menu on your PS5 and select “Devices.

How do I connect my PS5 to my Soundbar directly?

To connect your PS5 to your Soundbar, first, make sure that both devices are turned off. Then, using an HDMI cable, connect the PS5’s HDMI OUT port to the HDMI IN port on your Soundbar. Once both devices are connected, turn on your Soundbar and your PS5.

Now, open the Settings menu on your PS5 and go to ‘Sound’. Under ‘Output Device’, select ‘HDMI connection’. This will ensure that your PS5 s audio is sent through your Soundbar.