How to use PS5 controller on dark souls PC

by Amit Agarwal

How to use PS5 controller on dark souls PC

PS5 controller on dark souls PC’s: Dark Souls is a game that many people have loved since its release. The Game has been praised for its unique gameplay mechanics and excellent graphics.

However, the Dark Souls game does not work well with a mouse and keyboard. So, if you want to play Dark Souls 3 on PC, you will need a controller.

If you own a PlayStation 5 (PS5) controller, you can easily connect it to your computer to play Dark Souls 3. But, if you don’t own a PS5 controller, here is a guide on setting up a controller on your PC.

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How To Use PS5 Controller On Dark Souls 3 PC.

To Use your PS5 Controller On Dark Souls 3 PC, you need to download and install the game from Steam first, then connect your controller to your computer using a USB cable. The following steps will guide you through the process of connecting your PS5 controller on your PC for use with Dark Souls 3:

How To Use PS5 Controller On Dark Souls 3 PC.

Step 1: Connect Your PS5 Controller to Your Computer

You can connect your PS5 controller to your PC using any USB cable. Make sure that the connector of the PS5 controller matches the USB port of your PC.

Step 2: Open Device Manager

Open the “Device Manager” on your PC. Look for the device named “USB\VID_0FAB&PID_A2C4&MI_00”.

Step 3: Right Click on the Device and select Properties

Right-click on the device and choose properties. Go to the tab labeled “Driver.”

Step 4: Uncheck the box next to “Update Driver Software”

Uncheck the box next to update driver software.

Step 5: Check the box next to ‘Allow this device to install and uninstall software

Check the box next to Allow this device to install and uninstall software.

Step 6: Click OK to close the window.

Close the window. You have successfully connected your PS5 controller to the PC.

Step 7: Install Xpadder

Xpadder is an application that allows you to control your PS5 controller from your PC. It also lets you map buttons on your controller to keys on your keyboard.

After downloading, run Xpadder as administrator. If you are prompted to restart PC (windows), do so now.

Step 8: Download and Run Dark Souls 3 Game

Go to Steam or GOG website and download the latest version of Dark Souls 3. Once downloaded the game, open the folder where you saved the Game.

Step 9: Launch Dark Souls 3 in Windowed Mode

When the game launches, press Alt + Enter to launch the game in windowed mode. This will keep the game at full screen and prevent it from resizing when you move the mouse cursor around.

Step 10: Press A Button to Start Gameplay

Press the button corresponding to the action you wish to perform. For example, pressing A while holding L1 would let you start the game.

How to connect your PlayStation 5 controller with PC

To connect your PlayStation 5 controller with your computer, follow these steps.

  • Download and install the latest drivers for your PlayStation 5 controller. If you do not have an official driver available, download the most recent version from our website.
  • Turn off your PC and unplug it from the power source.
  • Connect your controller to your computer using the USB cable. Ensure that your controller’s USB port is connected to the right one.
  • Open “Device Manager” by pressing Windows + R keys together. You will see a list of all devices attached to your computer. Find out which device corresponds to your controller.
  • Right-click on this device and select Properties.
  • Select the Driver tab and click the Update Driver Software button.
  • Browse to where you downloaded or saved the driver file. Click Next.
  • Accept the terms and conditions and click Install.
  • Restart your computer.
  • After restarting, open Steam and log into your account.
  • In the Library section, find and launch Dark Souls 3.
  • When the loading screen appears, press the L2+R2 buttons simultaneously. This will turn on the controller.
  • Press the X button to exit the menu.
  • Start playing!
  • Enjoy playing Dark Souls 3 with the PS5 controller.

How to Play Dark Souls 3 With PS5 Controller

Now, you can enjoy playing Dark Souls 3 with your PS5 controller. However, you should know some things (tips) before starting to play.

First, you cannot use your DualShock 4 controller to play Dark Souls 3 because they both use different controllers.

Second, the controls in Dark Souls 3 are susceptible. So, you may accidentally perform actions you did not intend to.

Third, the camera in Dark Souls 3 is susceptible. So, if you move your mouse too much, the camera might get stuck.

Finally, Dark Souls 3 uses a lot of resources. So, if you play the game on low settings, your PC may slow down.

How to Fix Black Screen Problem When Playing Dark Souls 3 On PC?

If your PC display goes black during gameplay, try turning off your monitor and turning it back on again. Also, ensure that the “High color bits per pixel” option is selected.

You can also try the following solutions:

1) Restarting your computer may fix the problem. If this solution doesn’t work, you may need to replace the graphics card or motherboard.

2) Uninstall any other programs running at the same time as the game/

3) Try updating Windows if you have an older version than 10.

4) Check for updates from Steam.

5) Make sure that your Game has a good internet connection.

6) Use a different video driver.

7) Turn down the volume of your audio settings.

8) Change your resolution.

9) Lower the quality setting in your Game.

How to Use Xbox One Controller on PC?

To connect your Xbox One controller to your PC, follow these steps:

Step 1: Connect Your Xbox One Controller To The Computer

First, plug your Xbox One controller into your computer.

Step 2: Choose Controller Type

Choose the type of controller you want to add – Wired (Xbox 360) or Wireless (Xbox One).

Step 3: Choose Port Number

Select the appropriate port number depending on which port your Xbox One controller came with. For instance, select a USB port number if your Xbox One controller comes bundled with a USB cable. Otherwise, choose the appropriate port number.

Step 4: Open Device Manager

Then, type “devmgmt.msc” in the search results. Right-click on the result and click Open.

Step 5: Find Xbox One Controllers

In the left pane, find Xbox One controllers by searching for Microsoft LifeCam. Double-click on the one you want to configure.

Step 6: Configure Xbox One Controller

Right-click on the device and select Properties. Then, go to the Hardware tab and check the box to Allow this device through the firewall.

Step 7: Test Xbox One Controller

Once everything has been configured properly, test the connection between your Xbox One controller and your PC. You can use any program like VLC Player to stream videos from your Xbox One controller.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play with my PS5 controller on PC?

Yes, you can use a PS5 controller on PC. You will need to install a driver, which is available from Sony’s website.

Does Steam support PS5 controller?

Yes, Steam does support PS5 controllers.

How do I use a PS5 controller on PC emulator?

First, you’ll need to download an emulator. There are many different ones to choose from, but we recommend using PCSX2.

Once you have the emulator installed, connect your PS5 controller to your PC using a USB cable.

Open PCSX2 and click on “Configure.” Select “Controller (PS4)” from the list and then configure the buttons and sticks however you like.

How do I use my PS5 controller on Skyrim PC?

To use your PS5 controller on Skyrim PC, you’ll first need to install the latest version of the PlayStation drivers. You can find the drivers on Sony’s website. After you’ve installed the drivers, just connect your PS5 controller to your PC using a USB cable, and it should work automatically.

How do I use a PS5 controller on PC without Steam?

There are a few ways to do this. One way is to use an emulator like RPCS3. You can also use a program called DS4Windows.